Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Mother's Day Letter to her Son

Your hands in mine; our hands in His

Dear Son,

Today I held your little hands in mine. It wasn't a rare or extraordinary moment for a mother, just the routine activity of washing your precious little hands - your hands so young and so full of potential, so new and as yet so untouched. I thought about all that your hands will touch in your lifetime. I could see you digging in the dirt with your brothers and sisters, holding onto your bike handles as you beam with the confidence of such new found ability, and later those same hands holding the steering wheel of your first car. I could see those precious hands waving goodbye as you go off to school, as you go out on your first date, and later as you go off to college. I could see you taking your new bride's hand in your hand in some far away marriage ceremony, and then a tiny hand in yours as you hold your first child. Your hands will touch so many things in your lifetime. It's all before you.

As I held your hands in mine, I thought about how God's hands were there too, underneath the running water, enveloping ours. I thought about the running water and how quickly this moment was passing and likewise our lives too, were fleeing past us. I thought about God's hands so strong and creative, hands that created the whole world and yet hands that were holding ours as we went about the routine activities of our days.

I thought about how God's hands have held mine throughout my whole life. He held me when I was a little girl and called out to Him. His hands held mine throughout the frightening days of a childhood illness. They held me tight through the disappointments and heartaches of growing up, and His gentle guiding hands led me to your father. He has held my hands as I have learned how to be the mother He has called me to be. And He has held my heart's desires and dreams as precious pearls to be protected, and in His time is bringing many of those dreams to pass. You are one of those dreams, son.

And son, I have dreams for your life too. I pray that God will bless your hands, that He will guide your hands and that your hands will remain in God's hands as you live out your life. I pray that He will give you conquering hands, hands that are strong and wise, yet gentle and loving, caring hands that will bless all who touch them. I pray that He will give you prosperous hands that provide well for your family, forgiving hands, Christ-like hands.

Son, today your hands are in mine, and God holds your hands, but a day will come when you must choose whose hand you will hold onto. You must choose friends. You must choose a wife with whom you will spend your life and rear your children. Choose carefully, son, whose hands you hold. Most importantly, you must choose to put your hands in God's hands and keep them there. Each morning when you arise, you must choose to walk with God. Each night when you retire from the day, you must again place your hands in His. This world is a blessing, but journeying through it is difficult sometimes. You must consciously put your hands in the hands of your Heavenly Father every day of your life. He will bless you. He will keep you from harm. He will guide you.

When you look at your hands, see your mother's and father's hands that are filled with love for you, and see God's hands holding onto yours and never, ever let go.

I love you.